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  2. 2016-24 Dodge Durango GT/RT/SRT/SXT Red Mud Flap Black Logo

    Price:  $198.00

    Price in USD. Duties Not Included.

    Fitment | 2016-24 Dodge Durango GT/RT/SRT 392/Hellcat/SXT

    Brawny AWD vehicles with 360 degrees of versatile seating and storage supplemented by speed and hauling utilities practically require beefed up poly-UR-ethane mud flaps from a manufacturer with industry backed quality and coverage credentials. Dodge Durango GT/RT/SRT/SXT owners who don’t want to drill into factory fender liners, want a complete hardware kit designed just for the Durango GT/RT/SRT/SXT custom mud flaps that can be installed with common household tools should go with Rally Armor.

    Why Poly-UR-ethane Plastic Mud Flaps?

    Flexible, strong, weather and road warrior mud flaps demand polyurethane. Since investments should be once and done with de facto reliability and proven cruddy mud protection, Rally Armor visited and revisited the best fit and form before selecting the complementary parts for our top end, supremely flexible manufactured in the USA polyurethane plastic. With a proven track record on and off-road supplemented by an uncompromising build quality engineered to outlast second rate not-polyurethane plastic, rubber or vinyl sham splash guards, Rally Armor is the smart choice for wise shoppers. Regrettable decisions aren’t for Durango GT/RT/SRT/SXT owners so skip the search for cheap not built to last pocket-sized wannabes and go with the brand recognized for setting THE standard in mud flaps. Manufactured in NYC since 2004.

    Made in the USA Colorway | Red Mud Flap Black Logo

    Included in 1 x Dodge Durango Mud Flap Kit

    4 Polyurethane Mud Flaps
    Stainless-Steel Brackets
    SHIPPING ESTIMATORShipping Weight: 4.00 lbs
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