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  2. 2022-24 Subaru Forester & Wilderness Black Mud Flap White Logo

    Price:  $225.00

    Made in the USA. Price in USD.

    If chips, nicks, dirt, and road filth erode a vehicle’s finish, that’s a problem mud flaps can easily solve. Though not all mud flaps protect or last over the test of time, selecting a smart design using top quality materials are key to equipping a Subaru Forester with the best in road protection.

    Factory splash guards usually offer meager protection, collect trash, and invite rust. Low grade plastics and rubber mud flaps warp, tear, fade, discolor and just don’t resist chemical contaminants and road waste the way Rally Armor mud flaps do. Its custom formulated polyurethane has been tested to the outer limits of elasticity, shock resistance and intensely hot and cold climates. The results support lasting flexibility over savage road and weather conditions, which makes driving a Subaru equipped with Rally Armor an all too familiar sight.

    No drill, Forester specific mud flaps and brackets make for a simple installation and long lasting, reliable protection.

    Fitment Note | Fits 2022-24 Subaru Forester and Forester Wilderness

    Made in the USA
    Colorway | Black Mud Flap White Logo

    1 Set Includes

    4 Polyurethane Flaps
    Mounting Hardware
    Stainless Steel Brackets
    SHIPPING ESTIMATORShipping Weight: 4.00 lbs
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