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  2. 2022-24 Subaru Outback Wilderness Black Mud Flap White Logo

    Price:  $156.50

    In line with Subaru's attestations of rugged reliability, the automaker's X-MODE® options Outback owners with snow, dirt, and mud settings to maintain stability and traction over inconstant conditions. Humans mind the steering and the machine deftly adapts. That symbiosis between machine and mud flaps is our Rally Armor X factor 100% pliant polyurethane plastic responding in much the same way of yielding to the breaks and banks of the roads.

    The 2022+ Subaru Outback Wilderness gets a suitable mate in our drill-free, all custom fit mounting brackets and hardware paired to prized made in the USA polyurethane, Rally Armor can state the Subaru same engineered to last qualitative elucidation to Sube loyalists.

    Corner to corner, full and flexible protection make Rally Armor mud flaps the trusted source in ultimate, all season, all temperature, all terrain protection. It's our manufacturing business to uphold quality so our customers don’t have to. Spare your Outback Wilderness from preventable chips, scratches, dirt and general filth while maintaining optimal shock resistance and material resiliency.

    FITMENT | 2022-24 Subaru Outback Wilderness

    NOT for 2020-23 Subaru OutbackSubaru Outback

    COLORWAY | Black UR Mud Flap White Logo

    Included in 1 x Mud Flap Kit

    4 Polyurethane Mud Flaps
    Custom Stainless-Steel Brackets

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