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  2. 2017-23 Tesla Model 3 Black UR Mud Flap Dark Grey Logo

    Price:  $236.00

    Price in USD. Duties and fees not included.

    Fitment Note | Fits 2017-23 Tesla Model 3. Does Not Fit Models S, X or Y.

    Tesla Model 3 owners may embrace auto-pilot technology but that does not imply they’re on auto-pilot when it comes to watching the damage to their paint compound. Despite a respectably low drag coefficient, smart Tesla drivers know that their need to curb chips supersedes all, ergo top-end mud flaps that bypass drilling, skip the need to modify fender liners and keep that paint pristine.

    Rally Armor UR flaps are a cut above all others. Specializing in stainless steel brackets that serve as mounting points which solves the problem of where to mount a mud flap without altering the factory liners, the advantage to a fully and carefully researched, designed and tested design is the straightforward installation. Our kit includes 100% pure polyurethane made in the USA mud flaps mated to thoughtfully selected hardware. Invest in proven performance in our Tesla 3 mud flaps. No questions over warping during blazing heatwaves or cracking, bottoming out on frozen terrain because Rally Armor UR flaps consistently flex. Other materials just don’t come close to our poly-UR-ethane.

    Be sure to avoid lesser lookalike products bearing little material resemblance to our UR flaps. Setting THE standard in mud flaps since 2004, Manufactured in NYC since 2004 and producing only the finest for our customers, invest in the best.

    Made in the USA Colorway | Black UR Mud Flap Dark Grey Logo

    Included in 1 x 2017-23 Tesla Model 3

    4 Polyurethane Mud Flaps
    Mounting Brackets
    SHIPPING ESTIMATORShipping Weight: 4.00 lbs
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