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  2. 2018-23 Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST Black Mud Flap White Logo

    Price:  $210.75

    Made in the USA. Price in USD.

    Whether an Mk8 Fiesta ST owner’s predilection is for Normal, Sport or Racetrack mode, drivers of all driving propensities from easy, dawdling to track figure 8’s don’t just let damage happen to their cars. Road waste will coat, cling, pelt as tires dredge up paint damaging sludge onto a vehicle's exterior. Getting ahead of the unavoidable pings in paint means getting proper armor to deflect that detritus. Solve this problem with the smart solution.

    Manufacturing the ultimate, comprehensive protection mud flap is Rally Armor’s specialty. Vetting and testing US made materials to ISO9001:2015 quality standards yield a titan strong polyurethane plastic, built to prevail over anything the road and weather slings at it. Prepared Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST owners know flexible, shock resistant mud flaps that survive turbulent terrain and temperatures are worth its weight in potholes, speed bumps and curbs. Where rigid plastics clash, rubber and PVC serially deteriorate, the sum of lesser quality mud flaps don’t equal Rally Armor’s.

    Fabricated in the USA from materials made in the USA, Rally Armor’s expansive coverage mud flaps guard fenders and rocker panels from rocks that jab, mud, tar and salt that wear coatings away. Custom Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST stainless steel mounting brackets makes this the smart solution mud flap.

    No drill, no vehicle modification required Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST 3DR/5DR specific fit.

    1 Set Includes:

    4 Mud Flaps
    Mounting Hardware
    Stainless Steel Brackets
    Made in the USA
    Fitment Note | Fits 2018-23 Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST, Titanium, Active X, Vignale models. Does NOT fit North American USDM 2018+ MK7 Ford Fiesta

    Color Combination | Black UR Mud Flap White Logo
    SHIPPING ESTIMATORShipping Weight: 4.00 lbs
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