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  2. 2020-24 Toyota GR Yaris Hatch Black Mud Flap Grey Logo

    Price:  $216.25

    Price in USD. Duties Not Included.

    Fitment Note | Will Not Fit Toyota Yaris Hatch or Sedan

    The homologated duality of the Toyota® GR Yaris daily driver hatchback, built for modification to the motorsport stage, primes owners for butter to bread aftermarket parts. Homologated Rally Armor mud flaps, with its roots in stage rally, were once misperceived as overbuilt for average terrain and temperatures on naturally aspirated hatches that do no more than the daily haul. When WRC champs are crowned, polyurethane mud flaps abound. The only plastic to weather unforgiving special stages means racing through gravel, snow, desert is dominantly done with polyurethane mud flaps in tow.

    Rally Armor specializes in rally spec, polyurethane mud flaps. Conditions that quickly K.O. generic, fast degrading PVC and rigid polyblend plastics, its flexible UR series earns top ranking in the mud flap category for its unbeatable shock resistance and hearty polyurethane construction. Material properties include a surprising tolerance for freezing to fiery desert temps, earning Rally Armor the distinction as the heavyweight champion in vehicle protection.

    No drill, custom Toyota GR Yaris specific mud flap design and brackets will go the competitive distance, outliving lookalike mime brands that fail to protect on hairpin turns and pedestrian roads.

    Colorway | Black UR Mud Flap Grey Logo

    1 Set Includes

    4 Polyurethane Flaps
    Mounting Hardware
    Stainless Steel Brackets
    SHIPPING ESTIMATORShipping Weight: 4.00 lbs
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